Product Sourcing for Law Enforcement / Military

Are you an agency experiencing pricing competition that is killing your profitability and creating embarrassing situations?  Are your name brand suppliers unreliable, shipping late with non-existent customer service?  Can’t find the products you want to offer to your agency base?  Don’t put up with it!  You deserve better and together we can resolve these problems.

Since 1991, Access International has worked to source high quality, reliable products from Asia on behalf of our clients.  We have worked on sourcing projects with large international corporations as well as smaller government agencies and tactical gear distributors located worldwide.  Our corporate standards include high quality products at competitive pricing, delivered on time, as finished turnkey goods.

We do not stock product.  All orders are made to order.  We source and produce products specifically for you, in your brand, if desired.  We label and package these products exactly as you specify.  This allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitor who is calling on the same government agencies, possibly with the same brands.  This gives you the opportunity to build your own brand name, not that of your supplier!

We source most of our products from greater China, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the mainland.  Of course, greater China is not suitable for all products in your range, but for many, it could be.

You naturally have concerns about QC when it comes to ordering from any source, particularly from China.  In our 25 year experience, China’s reputation of producing poor quality goods is attributable to one of two reasons:  A sourcing agent who didn’t properly vet the factory and manage production or a China factory trying to directly sell into a western market with no concept of our quality requirements.  We are the buffer that assures the products meet your spec.  With your participation, we are a team that works together to achieve success.

We can source uniforms, gear bags, duty lights, weapon mounted lights, batteries, tactical vests, gloves, body cams, duty belts, badges & insignia, traffic safety items, premium products, forensics/investigations, and much more.  Just let us know what you’re looking for through our contact form and we’ll be in touch right away to discuss your needs personally.

Quantity requirements vary, of course.  Less expensive items generally have higher minimum quantities, but it’s often negotiable.  You might be surprised to find that quantity requirements are less than you’d projected.

Our service includes shepherding your order from day one to delivery at your selected location.  We not only work closely with your team, but also deal with the factory, freight forwarders, U.S. Customs, and all manner of local logistics.  We are capable of drop shipping your goods to any location worldwide, that local laws allow.  We work with you to assure proper documentation is prepared minimizing any issues around importation.

We frequently attend the SHOT Show, IWA, IACP, and others in an effort to stay connected to the military and law enforcement trades.

Please contact us at any time to let us show you how we can supply the solution.

Access International Inc is a Vietnam veteran owned Oregon Corporation, founded in 1991.