Your Questions, Our Answers

We use stringent criteria and industry knowledge to determine the best factory for your needs on a case-by-case basis.  You’ll benefit from our experience and many years of qualifying suppliers.
This generally depends on the complexity of the product and your ability to commit to answering our questions quickly.  Simple projects might take only 4-6 weeks, complex job take 2-3 months.  We can help determine more after you contact us and explain the job.
The initial qualification process, combined with careful management and a clear product definition are the keys to quality.  This, combined with the experience you’ll gain by working with Access are critical.  Our contacts with suppliers are the result of decades of dealing with Greater China.
Should your initial order size be small, we work with you to determine your project MOQ up front.  We then negotiate with the factory in an attempt to get them to meet your goal.  It’s not always achievable, but often it is.
You don’t.  Generally, the best price is not the type of product that you’ll want to put your name on.  We secure high quality manufacture at pricing that will work for all.
This depends purely on your needs.  We’re full service so can customize logistics to your needs.
We have long term relationships with companies and people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. We always have assistance to check on projects and to perform inspections to our specifications, if needed.
Access will arrange this when we’ve located a qualified supplier for you.  You’ll understand all aspects to the sample program when we discuss your project in detail.
Our customer list includes major international OEMs, military/law enforcement, inventors, and smaller marketing importers primarily in North America and Western Europe.  We do not produce a customer list as we are under non-disclosure with all of our customers.
Yes, at your request we’re able to refer you to those we’ve worked or are working with currently.  Our credentials are impeccable and our experience unmatched.
At Access, our product experience covers a very broad range.  For Law Enforcement and Military, we can supply duty gear and all manner of accessories.  What we specialize in is a process, not a product.  You show us what you need and we’ll go get it.

We require a deposit up to 30% of the order up front with the remainder paid in full when goods are ready to ship.  Small orders are paid at time of order confirmation.  All payments are by wire transfer unless arranged otherwise.

Your payable will be Access International, unless we arrange otherwise.

Yes.  We can drop the goods to any location regulations allow.

Two years of living and working in Hong Kong and subsequently more than 25 years experience qualifying factories and sourcing from Asia qualifies us uniquely to join your project team.