Services for Inventors and Startups

A wide variety of services are available to the inventor or small start-up beyond simply locating and negotiating with a high quality factory.  We have familiarity with trademark filings, written U.S. Customs rulings, shipping documentation, private branding, selling single items into distribution, packaging, and even a great understanding of the “Asian way”.

Our forte’ is locating, qualifying, selecting, and maintaining relationships with Asian factories.  You know everything about your product, we know how to get it successfully cost-reduced and manufactured.  We can work to get minimum order quantities down, negotiate tooling charges, and work to achieve timely completion of your orders resulting in a quality product.  We will be your most reliable partner!

We can also advise you on how to get your product seen and to market.  We have understanding of pricing schemes and expected profit margins at all levels of distribution.  We can help you avoid making fatal errors by mispricing your product creating problems with customers who feel you’re favoring others at their expense.

If you wish, we can discuss the option of utilizing Access to establish your distribution network.  We can even act as your distribution center with the capability of shipping anything from a single box to container loads to your destination of choice.

Travel on your behalf is a service we offer.  We can meet factories alone or with you, if so desired.  Our experience is invaluable in establishing a rapport with Asian factories.  We can also be your representative at trade shows and sales meetings.