Experience, Attentiveness, and Ethics

Are you an inventor who’s come up with a great idea, but now you’re stuck?  Don’t know your costing?  Don’t have a reliable manufacturer?  Haven’t finalized your packaging?  Not sure of your sales and marketing plan?  What about trademarks and patents?  Don’t understand the processes?  These are typical fears, but we can help you get from uncertainty and fear to resolution and comfort.

Coming up with a great product idea takes a very special skill that very few people have.  As an inventor, you have that skill!  Getting that product manufactured to the quality standard required, at a fair price, and shipped on time also takes skill.  We have that skill!  Together we can achieve your goal!   Together we can resolve your fears and help you move forward.

For over 28 years, we’ve been locating, interviewing, qualifying, selecting, and maintaining relationships with Asian manufacturers on behalf of our clients, many of them inventors, others major multi-nationals.  We can help!  As part of your team, we can fill in key areas that are currently missing.  Having decades of experience in developing products allows us to help lead you through the process.

Access is a very personalized, partner-oriented company.  We’re not one of those “helper” companies you see advertised on TV.  We’re not paying pitchmen who know nothing about the process of developing a product and securing quality manufacturing.  We are a professional company with decades of experience at all levels of product development, distribution, and sales.  We not only have brought products to market, but we’ve established a distribution network, set up a distribution center and held positions as varied as salesman on a retail floor to Vice President Sales & Marketing of an international manufacturer based in Hong Kong.  All this before starting Access International in 1991.

Are you worried that a China factory will steal your idea and beat you to market?  We can help allay those concerns by releasing as little information as is required at all stages.  We make these decisions with you, as a team, just as we have for over 28 years.  Nothing happens without your knowledge.

Don’t know how to get your product into distribution?  Our advice can be invaluable as we have great experience with selling under “private label” branding to branded importers worldwide.

Have some questions about patenting your product?  We have some input there based on our experience, although we’d refer you to your local intellectual property attorney for their knowledge.

Access begins all inventor relationships by signing your non-disclosure agreement.  If you don’t have an existing “NDA”, we have stock agreements ready to sign that will protect your interests.  Throughout our relationship, protecting your intellectual property and trade secrets is paramount.

Are you stressed that the quotes or quantity requirements might be too high or the quality poor?  We work diligently on your behalf to achieve your goals.  There are times that some goals can’t be met, but our process assures that you’ll know sooner rather than later.  We promise to turn every stone in our efforts to serve you to the fullest.  If the numbers don’t work, we’ll give you our honest opinion right up front.  No games, we work as a team.

Since 1991, Access International has assisted many inventors navigating the confusing process of developing their products, finalizing packaging, selecting a reliable manufacturer, establishing the distribution plan, and getting their orders shipped and delivered on time.  If you work with us, you can relax and get started selling.

We will answer your calls, emails, or texts, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  It’s who we are.

Of course, you would like to know how Access charges for our services. Our monthly retainer varies depending on the tasks you wish us to take on. Initially, we will look at your project and suggest areas where we can contribute based on our experience and skill-set. You’ll decide which of these you need assistance with and our retainer will reflect that contribution.

The length of the retainer period also varies. There are projects where the retainer lasts only 3 months during the exploration period. In other cases, the client continues to retain us to contribute for the long term. Generally, to go from product idea to production will take at least 9 months, but each project is different. The initial length of term will be mutually decided after we discuss the product and your goals.

Contact us for a full explanation of our program.

All expenses are pre-approved and pre-paid by the client. You are never charged for expenses without being aware in advance. In most cases, our travel expenses are based on the current GSA per diem rates and paid in advance. Transparency is a given when you secure the services of Access International Inc.

While we do not list our clients because of our non-disclosure agreements, references are available upon request.  We are also typical attendees at international trade events such as the Consumer Electronics Show, the Hong Kong Electronics Fairs, the Canton Fair, the SHOT Show, IWA (Germany), and others.

We’re ready when you are.  Just fill in our contact form or email us at dlandis@asiasourcenow.com and let’s talk, at no cost to you.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!