Your Questions, Our Answers

We use stringent criteria and industry knowledge to determine the best factory for your needs on a case-by-case basis.  You’ll benefit from our experience and contacts in Greater China.

This generally depends on the complexity of the product.  Simple projects might take only 4-6 weeks to get accurate quotations while a complex job will take 2-3 months, or longer if there are design changes.  In our initial discussions, we will work to narrow your completion time to the shortest, yet most accurate, estimate possible.

The initial qualification process, combined with careful management and a clear product definition are the keys to quality. Together we will work to create the most accurate RFQ (Request for Quote). You will benefit from our years of experience and long list of qualified factories in Greater China.

We work with you to determine reasonable MOQs for your product right up front.  Then we negotiate with qualified factories to achieve your MOQ goals.  We can’t always achieve them, but we always work with factories interested in negotiating with us.
You don’t.  Generally, the best price is not the type of product that you’ll want to put your name on.  We secure high quality manufacturing at pricing that will work for all. You want your product to be safe, reliable, and delivered on time.  We want the same for you and will work to achieve it.
This depends purely on your needs.  We’re full service so can customize logistics to your needs.  Generally, inventors prefer to have us handle all shipping and Customs clearing.  Access is highly experienced and has partnered with reliable professionals in the freight forwarding field.

We have long-term relationships with various companies and people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that can check on our projects and perform inspection to our specifications, if needed. Utilizing these companies “as needed” keeps costs down.

Access will arrange this when we’ve selected a factory that meets our terms and conditions. We will discuss this in depth during our initial conversations so you’ll understand the process clearly. This process will vary dramatically based on the product.

Our customer list includes major international OEMs, military/law enforcement, inventors, and smaller marketing importers primarily in North America and Western Europe.  We do not produce a customer list as we are under non-disclosure with all of our customers.
Yes, if requested we’re able to refer you to those we’ve worked or are working with currently.  Our credentials are impeccable.

Over the years we’ve worked with dozens of consumer products. We really specialize in helping inventors get their products developed and ready for market with the quality and packaging they require. We’re development experts while you are the product expert. You’ll teach us everything about your product we need to know.

Who better to teach us about your product than you?  We learn all we need to know about the project by talking to you.  We then take what you’ve taught us and find the proper factory to join our new team.

We start by signing your non-disclosure agreement, typically at our initial no-charge personal or phone meeting. That is our first step to assure you that your project’s confidentiality is important to us. We release all information to potential factories on a “need to know” basis, doing our best to keep the product’s purpose a secret as long as possible. We release no information to any 3rd party without your expressed written approval.

Access does not fund new product development. Before you launch your new project, you’ll want to establish a business plan and projected budget. Should you decide not to self-finance, you’ll need these documents to show to any potential investor. If you’re financing personally you’ll learn a lot by performing this up front work. Don’t avoid this all important step!

The client is responsible for all expenses, but none are incurred without expressed written approval.  All expenses are paid in advance.  Access works at all times to minimize expenses and provides clear explanation of their importance, when they arise.

You will benefit from decades of experience in product development including product definition, Asian factory selection, artwork, packaging, quality assurance, container loading, shipping logistics, Customs documentation, and local delivery.  We also understand the “Chinese way” very well.  You’re in very good hands with us.

We start with the non-disclosure then work into the project itself. Once there’s a clear understanding of the tasks you wish us to take on, we will provide a proposal delineating those tasks, the suggested length of the initial agreement, and our monthly fee. We’ll also let you know what you can expect to achieve during this period and what expenses you might see. Should you accept, we can begin immediately to prepare the RFQ to submit for quotations.

We have a relationship with a very reliable designer who is reasonable and professional, but not an employee of Access. We can offer a referral if you wish. Regardless of your choice of designers, should you wish to contract Access, we would work closely with your designer.

No, this is a legal matter so best to locate a good intellectual property attorney to help you through the process. You’ll also need to decide if a patent makes financial sense. We can discuss this with you and explain the options.