Inventors – Your Trustworthy Product Development Partner

For inventors, coming up with an innovative product idea is no small feat. Your product is now ready for the next step.  You’d like to bring that same energy and innovation into the manufacturing process. We can help!  Let us lead you through the manufacturer selection steps as we have for other inventors.  You’ll know what to expect, how to navigate difficulties, and, in addition, we will teach you the complete process of development, unlike our competitors.

David Landis, President, has brought many new products to market and also established a master distribution center serving the U.S. and Canada.  He has held positions from retail sales to Vice President Sales & Marketing of an international manufacturer based in Hong Kong.  Mr. Landis is versed in the Asian manufacturing culture and, consequently, knows what it takes for you to be successful there.  He’s a highly regarded professional with numerous successes.

In conclusion, Access is a very personalized, partner-oriented company.  We’re not a “helper” company like you see advertised on TV.  We’re not using pitchmen who know nothing about the process of developing a product.  We look out for your best interest, unlike those pitchmen. In contrast, Access is a professional company with decades at all levels of product development, manufacturing, distribution, and sales.