Your Manufacturing Process Experts

Access offers full services for both OEM and ODM project development with the process concluding with Asian manufacturing.  We can find existing products that meet your specifications or work with you and the selected manufacturer to develop your new product. For over 25 years, Access has located, qualified, selected, and maintain relationships with Asian manufacturers.

We are available to assist your development team, shepherding your products completely through the process.  The culmination is properly priced high quality goods delivered to your required location, on time.  We take the worry out of the process with our experience.  We are your face and voice to manufacturing and offshore logistics, if required.

Customized product packaging with your unique branding, export carton counts as you prefer, and shipped to the destination of your choice.  You can utilize your forwarder or ours.  Access is well versed in shipping documentation, ISF filings, Customs rulings, USITC classifications, and much more.

Travel to Asia on your behalf is available as part of our package, should you require it.  We can meet with the manufacturers alone or meet you on site, as desired.  We have worked with Asian companies daily since 1987.  Access understands how to work closely with them to achieve all parties’ goals.

Our specialty is working in the consumer product realm, but we’ve also managed projects involving parts and basic raw materials.  We’re not product experts, we’re process experts.

We take the worry out of sourcing and are prepared to work directly with you to assure the success of your project.