Your Questions, Our Answers

We use stringent criteria and industry knowledge to determine the best factory for your needs on a case-by-case basis.  Access has relationships with numerous factories that have supported our efforts over the years.

This generally depends on the complexity of the product.  Simple projects might take only 4-6 weeks, while complex jobs take many months.  The better our product and project definition, the easier the task becomes.

The initial qualification process, combined with careful management and a clear product definition are the keys to quality.  Our experience, paired with your input, will assure success.

We work with you to determine the opening order MOQ goals.  During the factory selection process, we negotiate on your behalf to achieve that quantity or one as close to it as possible.

You don’t.  Generally, the best price is not the type of product that you’ll want to put your name on.  We secure high quality manufacturing at pricing and terms that will work for all.

This depends purely on your needs.  We’re full service so can customize logistics as you require.  Access arranges shipments to worldwide locations, air or sea.  Should you need us to handle everything, we have long term relationships with freight forwarders and Customs brokers alike.

We have long term relationships with companies and people in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that assist us on projects and perform inspection to our specifications, if needed.

Access will arrange samples to be provided when a factory has been selected and all terms and conditions agreed upon.

Our customer list includes major international OEMs, military/law enforcement, inventors, and smaller marketing importers primarily in North America and Western Europe.  We do not produce a customer list as we are under non-disclosure with all of our customers.

Yes, if necessary we’re able to refer you to those we’ve worked or are working with currently.  Our credentials are impeccable and our references will confirm this.

We have great experience working with all manner of consumer products, but can also source parts for your domestic assembly needs.  We do not work on high tech projects.
While this can never be guaranteed, Access has never had an issue with misuse.  We take great care in working with those who respect intellectual property rights.
You’ll prepare and submit your artwork based on your metric dimensioned dieline in AI with an accompanying .pdf file.  We’ll provide an emailed proof for your approval.
Access International Inc is your payable, unless arranged otherwise.
We require a deposit of no more than 30% of the order up front with the remainder paid in full when the goods are ready for shipment.  Small orders are paid in full at time of order confirmation.  All payments are by wire transfer unless arranged otherwise.
MOQs vary greatly depending on the product.  But we do consistently negotiate favorable MOQs for our corporate clients.
Initially we generally quote FOB as most of our corporate customers have their own forwarders, but we can quote DDP, if required.  When orders are small, we may need to quote Ex-wks.  Most factories have minimums to receive FOB pricing.  You might also incur small order surcharges, in some cases, where MOQs aren’t met, but the factory accepts your order.
Lead times always vary depending on product development, holidays, and parts availability.  For new products, they are very seldom less than 2 months.  But re-orders are usually prepared within 4-6 weeks of order confirmation.  “Off-the-shelf” items might ship in a few weeks.
Our initial quote would not include acting as your warehouse or distribution center.  If this service is required, we do have the capacity to provide such a service at a very reasonable price.  It’s very unlikely that a China factory will hold goods for you, unless paid for in advance.